Hi friends,Welcome to programmers 99. Here i am attaching Total SCJP/OCJP dumps topic wise.. you can download it easily ..if u have any queries please leave comment below thank you!!!!!

*OCJP/SCJP 1.6 Dumps
*199 core java interview question and answers
*Questions on Flow Control
*Answers of Flow control
*Questions on Class declarations
*Answers of Class declarations
*Questions on Garbage collection
*Answers of Garbage collection
*Questions on Encapsulation
*Answers of Encapsulation
*Questions on Method Declarations
*Answers of Method Declarations
*Questions on Methodinvocations
*Answers of Methodinvocations
*Questions on Constructors
*Answers of Constructors
*Questions on Return Type
*Answers of Return Type
*Questions on Reference conversion
*Answers of Reference conversion
*Questions on Primitive conversion
*Answers of Primitive conversion
*Questions on Side Effects
*Answers of Side Effects
*Questions on Operators
*Answers of Operators
*Questions on Conditional Operators
*Answers of conditional Operators
*Q&A on Arrays
*Q&A on Inheritance
*Q&A on Method Overloading
*Q&A on String&StringBuffer
*Q&A on Nested Classes
*Q&A on Exceptions
*Q&A on Assertions
*Q&A on java.lang.math package
*Q&A on Collections
*Q&A on Threads
*SCJP/OCJP practice Q&A

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  1. are they updated ??

  2. can java 7 also coverd in that dumps..

    1. No Deepak those are SCJP MOck questions and mingle with java 1.6 i will update they soon

  3. have all these questions appeared in the scjp exam?

    1. No satyaki!!! Some questions only